The best features of Georgian architecture and where to find them in Bath

16 June 2017

The UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath is globally famous for its beautiful Georgian architecture, with many of the best examples still in near perfect condition. Exploring the streets of the city is like walking into a Jane Austen novel, which is why so many thousands of visitors come to Bath every year.

If you’re new to Georgian architecture, you’re in for a treat. Here are some of the best features to look out for and where to find examples of them in Bath. You’ll be an aficionado in no time!

The iconic crescent

No architectural tour of Bath would be complete without a visit to one of the city’s famous Georgian crescents, including the Royal Crescent, Camden Crescent and Lansdown Crescent. Majestic sweeps of grand terraced houses reveal Bath’s history as a fashionable retreat for high society, and they still take your breath away in modern times.

Even better than just visiting Bath’s famous crescents, why not stay in one? Bath Holiday Rentals has a truly romantic, faithfully Georgian garden apartment in the crescent itself, or you can drink in the views of Bath’s most famous architectural feature from Royal Crescent Prospect nearby. You can also enjoy panoramic views of the city and stunning original Georgian features in our first floor Camden Crescent period apartment.

Bath stone

Warm honey-coloured stone is absolutely everywhere in Bath, giving the city its distinctive appearance and golden glow. Bath stone can be sawn or squared up in any direction (unlike some other materials), making it highly versatile.

Sash windows

Original or restored windows in Georgian houses tend to be sash windows, and you may even find some that operate with a traditional weight and pulley system. These windows are small at the bottom of the house with just six panes, increasing in size to the grand nine or even twelve panes as you reach the rooms in the main part of the property. A fantastic example of these large sash windows in action is in our Argyle Riverview Flat, where giant 12-pane sash windows offer the very best views of the River Avon.

The Circus

This unique structure is a prime example of many of Georgian architecture’s most striking features. Built by famous Bath architects John Wood the Elder and his son, the Circus is inspired by the Colosseum in Rome. Look closely at these magnificent curving terraces and you’ll notice that there is a different type of architecture on each of the three floors – becoming more ornate the higher up the building. The ground floor is Doric in style, the middle Ionic and Corinthian up at the top. There’s a lot to take in at The Circus, from columns and stone acorn finials to the iconic classical façade you’ll see everywhere in Bath. Take your time drinking it all in, staying in our Circus House Apartment at the end of a circular segment of The Circus.