27 July 2018 Bath Holiday Rentals

3 of the best French restaurants in Bath

Some would argue that French cooking is among the very best in the world, but where can you find it in Bath? As the city has such a thriving food and drink scene, it’s no surprise there are many different options to choose from for fabulous French food in...
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20 July 2018 Bath Holiday Rentals

Why Bath is the Perfect Weekend Break

Is Bath a good weekend break? The answer to this is an emphatic yes! Thousands of people enjoy weekend breaks in Bath every year, and there are too many reasons to count as to why the city remains a number one choice for mini-breakers. Here are just a handful:...
4 July 2018 Bath Holiday Rentals

The best farm shops near Bath

Bath and the surrounding Somerset area is known for the outstanding quality of its local produce, but where you can you get your hands on it? The good news is that you don’t have to travel far from your cosy Bath Holiday Rentals pad in the heart of the...