A vintage revolution! Why Bath is top for vintage and bargain shopping

13 October 2016

Bath is well-known for its shopping, as the city really does offer something for everyone. Bath has six main retail areas, including the SouthGate open air shopping centre with its High Street brands to the sophisticated selection of fashionable shops and independent boutiques in Milsom Place.

However, Bath is fast becoming famous for its bargain shopping too. If you’re a fan of vintage or you love the thrill of uncovering something gorgeous (in your size!) at an unbelievable price, then you’re in luck.

Charity shopping in Bath

Bath is home to a large number of charity shops, but these aren’t just any charity shops. Bargain shoppers and fashion fans have been flocking to these shops in their droves over the last couple of years, as real gems including cut-price designer pieces are regularly found amongst the donations. Bath’s residents are a fashionable bunch, and many are surprisingly generous with what they give away.

You’ll need to be patient and persistent to root out something really special, but overall the standard of charity shops in Bath is far higher than in many other cities – so your chances are good! Best of all, your money is going towards an excellent cause and you’re supporting recycling at the same time. It’s ethical shopping, which is bound to give you a good feeling when heading home from the shops with your loot.

Here are just a few of the best charity shops in the city in which to try your luck and sniff out something special:

  • Julian House Charity Shop in Shaftesbury Road (there’s another one on Walcot Street that is great for vintage)
  • Bath Cats and Dogs Home Charity Emporium
  • Oxfam on Argyle Street
  • Mercy in Action on Chelsea Road
  • Save the Children on Walcot Street

Looking for affordable vintage?

If you’re on the lookout for a beautiful vintage item with a bit of history to it, but that doesn’t cost a month’s wages, your first port of call in Bath should always be Walcot Street. This is the city’s bohemian/artisan quarter, home to all kinds of unique and quirky shops including the well-established Yellow Shop with its fine collection of vintage and vintage-inspired clothes, bags and boots. You should also check out Jack and Danny’s, a warehouse of garments on London Road, and Black and White with its retro furniture as well as designer bargains and vintage clothes.

Another good place to look for vintage gems is Green Park Station, which hosts the Bath Vintage and Antiques Market on the first and last Sunday of each month. Once or twice a year, the city is also home to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair – the latest one takes place on 15th October, but will doubtless be back next year.

Of course, you’ll need somewhere local to stagger back to with your haul after a hard day’s bargain shopping. Make sure you’ve booked yourself a comfortable, elegant Bath Holiday Rentals property – there are a number of properties conveniently situated in the city centre, so you’ll always be within staggering distance of most shopping hotspots.