bath skyline

We’re celebrating our 10th birthday – so here are 10 fabulous reasons to visit Bath!

8 July 2016

Bath Holiday Rentals is officially 10 years old this week, and we couldn’t imagine celebrating our birthday anywhere else than the wonderful city in which our thriving business was founded.

In honour of our first decade as a holiday rentals specialist, here are just 10 reasons why we love Bath so much – and why you’ll love it too!

1. It offers a fabulous experience for Jane Austen fans. If you’re a fan of the famous novelist, seize the chance to step into her shoes and experience the world of the author and her most famous characters in Bath, where she previously lived. From high tea at the Regency Tea Room to a range of fascinating activities in the Jane Austen Centre, there’s plenty for the avid Austen fan to get their teeth into.

2. The whole city is a World Heritage Site. Bath is the only place in the UK where the whole city has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, due to its vast number of cultural and historical treasures.

3. It’s the ultimate place to relax and unwind. Bath boasts over 2,000 years of spa culture, having the only natural hot springs in the UK. From the Thermae Bath Spa to a plethora of luxurious spas and boutique salons, if you need to get away from it all and enjoy pampering from head to toe – Bath is most certainly the city to visit.

4. It’s a great mix of city, culture and countryside. Bath is a thriving cosmopolitan city, but it’s also just a stone’s throw from beautiful green countryside, as well as having numerous parks and green spaces. It really does offer the best of all worlds.

5. You can’t turn a corner without coming across a slice of history. Bath is quite literally bursting with history, with key sites including the Roman-built baths (dating back to 60-70 AD), Bath Abbey (founded in 1499 on the site of an 8th-century church), Pulteney Bridge (built in 1774) and the Royal Crescent (built in 1770).

6. The Georgian architecture is breathtaking. Although Bath boasts numerous architectural styles from different periods, its sweeping terraces of grand Georgian architecture are world famous.

7. Bath is bursting with festivals and special events. The city has a busy cultural calendar, from literature and music festivals to comedy and sporting events.

8. It’s a super sporty city. Bath boasts a rugby club, Bath City Football Club and Bath Racecourse to name but a few sporting gems, plus there are plenty of opportunities to get involved yourself!

9. Bath has a fantastic independent food and shopping scene. Unlike other cities which are dominated by high street brands and chain restaurants, Bath prides itself on its quirky boutique shops and independent eateries which use only fresh, local ingredients.

10. There’s lots of fun to be had on the river. Summer in Bath is all about the River Avon, whether you choose to enjoy boat tours and river cruises, hire a boat yourself or simply drink in the view of the sparkling water from the comfort of the riverbank.