7th September 2016 Bath Holiday Rentals

The Jane Austen Festival returns to Bath for 2016!

If you love your Jane Austen, you will absolutely adore the next couple of weeks in Bath. The 16th annual Jane Austen Festival is hitting venues across the city from Friday 9th to Sunday 18th September 2016, bringing with it a host of events and diehard fans celebrating the...
30th August 2016 Bath Holiday Rentals

Bath For Foodies: A Guide To The Best Eateries In The City

If you’re a self-confessed foodie, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Bath. The city is simply bursting with delicious cuisine, and there are far too many splendid, quirky and gourmet hotspots to mention. If you’re looking for a starting point though, Bath Holiday Rentals is happy to recommend just...
5th August 2016 Bath Holiday Rentals

Bath Folk Festival 2016 – It’s Nearly Here!

From 6th – 14th August 2016, venues across Bath will host some of the country’s leading folk music artists and bands, as the Bath Folk Festival 2016 kicks off. Bath is well-known as the unofficial festival capital of the UK, as so many music, comedy, arts, literature and children’s...
21st July 2016 Bath Holiday Rentals

5 Of The Best School Holiday Day Trips In And Around Bath

It’s nearly that time again…school holidays! The kids love it, but parents can end up dreading the long weeks spent struggling to keep their little ones entertained. A visit to Bath is a great way to spend a couple of weeks in the summer holidays, as there’s plenty to...