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Local Business Spotlight: Bath Spa Skincare

17th September 2018

Bath has long been known as one of the shopping capitals of the UK, but it’s also the perfect incubator for exciting new independent businesses. Some even go on to become national or even international success stories, such as the fabulous Bath Spa Skincare.

This much-loved skincare brand was founded in 2010 when founder and Bath resident Sally Merrett decided to create a healthy, effective and natural way to treat her daughter’s eczema as well as her own skin. Merrett, a former environmental scientist, developed her initial range of skincare in collaboration with the University of Bath and the University of the West of England.

Bath Spa Skincare has gone from strength-to-strength and now has a sizeable loyal following of natural, ethical skincare fans. The range of natural bath products and skincare has expanded to include products for all skin types, a great selection of gifts (you’ll also find Bath Spa Skincare at the Bath Christmas Markets each year) and the shop on Westhall Road has a bustling regular trade.

A 100% ethical business

One of the most important things you should know about Bath Spa Skincare, and the reason that locals and consumers throughout the UK love the brand, is that it prides itself on being an ethical, responsible business.  Company founder Sally Merrett has gone to great pains to ensure that all products are 100% ethically made using Fairtrade, organic ingredients that are sourced as close to Bath as possible. This is the case for many Bath businesses, which understand that locally sourced products are much in demand among its target customers.

Bath Spa Skincare never tests its products on animals, and prioritises provenance and transparency when sourcing ingredients.

Specialist skincare made with organic, natural ingredients

What customers love about Bath Spa Skincare is that it carefully formulates the ‘recipes’ for its products to tackle particular skin needs, making use of natural ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate. For example, it uses natural, 100% safe botanicals such as Herbe d’aiguille which contain Vitamin A for anti-ageing effects, while Immortelle flower extract is used as an anti-inflammatory.

Anti-ageing products are among Bath Spa Skincare’s best-sellers, but the list also includes natural deodorant, hydrating cleanser and moisturiser and lip protection gift sets.

Where to buy Bath Spa Skincare gifts and products

The best place to browse the full range of Bath Spa Skincare products is online via their website, where natural bath products, moisturisers and more are available to purchase.  

You can also visit the Bath Spa Skincare shop itself, located on Westhall Road – behind the Botanical Gardens of Royal Victoria Park and not far from our Parkview and Royal Crescent Prospect apartments. This charming shop is stocked with the full range of Bath Spa Skincare gifts and products, and there are personalised skin consultations available on appointment from founder Sally Merrett.

You can also buy products from:

  • No. 1 Royal Crescent, Bath
  • Radiance Wellbeing on New Bond Street Place, Bath
  • Le Petit Papillon, Taunton
  • The Treatment Room, Guernsey – Bath Spa Skincare products are used in facial and other beauty/wellbeing treatments.