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E-scooting around Bath: the ideal car-free way to see the city

21 October 2022

Bath is packed with cultural, historical and architectural treasures, but it’s also wonderfully compact. This makes it an ideal city to explore on foot. But if you’d like to avoid those city break foot aches, you can hop on an e-scooter instead. 

In collaboration with Bath and North East Somerset Council, the Swedish micro-mobility company Voi runs an e-scooter hire scheme in the city. It’s cheap, easy and convenient, with over 100 pickup and drop off points all over Bath city centre. 

E-scooting is fun too, and the perfect way to see Bath Abbey, the Royal Crescent, Pulteney Bridge and all the city’s other iconic landmarks. On an e-scooter, you can get round everything much quicker than walking. 

How Voi e-scooter hire works in Bath

To start using Voi during your trip to Bath, you’ll first need to download the Voi app. This shows you pricing, available scooters and a full map of parking locations. You’ll need to have a driving licence (full or provisional) and be at least 18 years old. 

Once you’re set up on the app, you can find your nearest available Voi e-scooter and unlock it using the app. Then you’re off!

Finished all your sightseeing? You’ll need to park your e-scooter in a designated Voi parking area, which you can find on the app. 

If you’re new to e-scootering, there’s a handy feature on the app called Beginner’s Mode. This automatically reduces the scooter speed to 10mph (it’s normally 12.5mph). There’s even a free ‘RideLikeVoila’ online traffic school you can enrol at, which helps new riders learn how to scoot safely in just 15 minutes. As an incentive, there’s £5 of free rides available for completing the short course. 

Voi pricing in Bath

You’ll need to check the exact pricing on the day in the Voi app. But generally speaking, it costs £1 to unlock your e-scooter and then 20p for every minute of your ride. You can also get daily or even monthly passes, if you plan on using your Voi e-scooter for longer. 

There are also offers for new users, such as a free 10-minute ride when you use the special Visit Bath discount code ‘VISIT_BATH’. And until 31st October, Voi is offering a free 30-minute ride to new users with the code ‘BACKTOIT22’. 

Key things to know about e-scooters in Bath

  • It’s illegal to ride any other e-scooter outside of the Voi hire scheme in the city, just like in the rest of the country. The only exception is if you’re riding it on private land (with the landowner’s permission).
  • You can’t ride Voi e-scooters on pavements and you must prioritise pedestrian safety at all times
  • It’s recommended to wear a helmet when riding an e-scooter
  • There may be certain parts of Bath where e-scooters aren’t allowed – check in the Voi app before you set off.

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