Beazer Garden

Family-friendly fun in Bath – the Beazer Garden Maze

20 May 2019

There’s lots to do in Bath when the sun is shining, from boating on the River Avon to picnicking in Royal Victoria Park. If you head to the riverside with the kids, you’ll even find a tucked-away outdoor maze puzzle – one that not many visitors to Bath know about. It’s the Beazer Garden Maze, on Spring Gardens Road close to Pulteney Bridge.

What is the Beazer Garden Maze?

This unusual attraction is right next to the River Avon, centrally located but still something of a hidden gem. It’s a small garden, technically a labyrinth more than a maze, consisting of a puzzling path which weaves around a mosaic centre. Unlike a maze, which branches and sometimes leads to dead ends before you reach the centre, you will always eventually find yourself back where you started with a labyrinth. However, it’s still extremely enjoyable walking the winding paths, switching off your mind and enjoying views of the river.

The Beazer Garden Maze, named after the local construction company which donated the land, was designed in 1984 by the renowned maze maker Randoll Coate. The ‘labyrinthologist’ was prolific, having designed over 50 mazes all over the country. Coate’s speciality was the hiding symbols within each maze or labyrinth design.

In this labyrinth on Spring Gardens Road, the Georgian architecture of Bath is the inspiration behind the design, as well as the city’s Roman history. It is inspired by a large Roman-style mosaic, as well as Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s railway drawings.

The Beazer Garden Maze is completely free and there are no restrictions when it comes to opening hours, so you can visit any time. It’s suitable for visitors of any age to enjoy a stroll or a picnic, but younger children particularly love it. So, bring the whole family and make your way around the labyrinth!

Planning a visit?

A visit to the garden maze is by no means a full day out, but it is one of the most interesting alternative things to do in Bath if you’re passing through. Part of the fun is finding it, as this maze is something of a hidden gem!

On a fine day, you can enjoy a walk along the banks of the River Avon, a jaunt around the maze and perhaps even a picnic too. There’s lots to do in the area immediately surrounding the garden maze, including Bath Rugby’s grounds and the magnificent Pulteney Bridge with its beautiful architecture and shopping. You’ll even find restaurants close to the Beazer Garden Maze, including the popular Italian eatery Ponte Vecchio which overlooks the river.

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