Local Business Spotlight: Bath Soft Cheese Company

29 June 2018

If you really like your cheese, come to Bath. Somerset is famous for its incredible produce, especially when it comes to cheddars, blues and of course, bries.

One of Bath’s best-known cheese producers is the Bath Soft Cheese Company, located just outside of the city centre in the small charming village of Kelston. This traditional company has been making cheese from its own herd of cows on Park Farm since 1914. Starting with just a small herd of Shorthorn cows and now with over 160 Holstein Friesian cows, the Padfield family have been making award-winning cheeses for generations.

Best of all, the farm is fully organic and all cheeses are made from organic cow’s milk.

All about the cheeses

All of the excellent products made by the Bath Soft Cheese Company are well worth a try, but most cheese lovers would agree on a few clear favourites. The company is famous for:

  • The Bath Soft Cheese. It is from this cheese, which has been made in the area since 1790 and was reportedly a favourite of Admiral Nelson, that the company takes its name. Expect a creamy, mushroom-infused flavour in this soft, square cheese.
  • Wyfe of Bath. Named after a story in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Wyfe of Bath is a semi-hard, Gouda-style cheese known for its nutty and sweet flavour. It was created in 2000 and went on to be the gold winner at the 2017 Artisan Cheese Awards thanks to its rich, succulent qualities.
  • Bath Blue. The triumphant champion at the 2014-15 World Cheese Awards, this exceptional blue is ripened for up to 10 weeks for maximum taste and creaminess. Some compare this classic blue-veined cheese to a Stilton.
  • Merry Wyfe. This is a relatively new cheese for the company, only launched in 2017 but already bringing in the top awards from multiple global cheese awards competitions. Made with Wyfe of Bath curds but with a rind that is washed in cider, this rich, vegetarian cheese is a must-try!

Take a tour!

The Bath Soft Cheese Company tour is a must-do on any cheese-loving Bath visitor’s itinerary.  For the bargain price of just £10, you can go along to Park Farm to see how the cheese is made and explore the farm. This price includes a cheese tasting, but you need a minimum of six people for a private booking. You can also join an open tour on the first Wednesday of each month. Don’t forget to visit the Bath Cheese Shop Café while you’re there.

Where to buy Bath Soft Cheese

Bath Soft Cheese Company stockists are located all over the city, including Nibbles Cheese, The Fine Cheese Co, Prior Park Farm Shop and many more. It’s even sold in markets, supermarkets and specialty cheese shops all over the UK.

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