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4 of the most beautiful churches in Bath

16 April 2018

Popping into a church on a quiet side street and discovering a completely different side to a city is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have as a tourist. There are a number of beautiful churches in Bath, from the well-known to those tucked-away hidden gems. Here are just 4 of our favourites:

  • Bath Abbey

No list of beautiful religious buildings in Bath would be complete without a mention of the breathtaking Bath Abbey, one of the most visited attractions in the city. A place of worship has existed on this site in the heart of the city for more than a thousand years, but the present Bath Abbey as we know it was restored by Sir George Gilbert Scott in the 1860s. There are many things to marvel at in this former Benedictine Monastery, including the many examples of Perpendicular Gothic architecture, the fan vaulting of the nave ceiling, the heritage museum in the vaults and the sheer scale of this magnificent Grade I listed building.

  1. St John The Evangelist Church

Completed in 1863, this South Parade church is popular with visitors as it’s off the main tourist trail (not being as well visited as Bath Abbey) so it’s lovely and peaceful inside. St John is known for its stunning stained-glass windows and beautiful altar, as well as an informative display on the history of the church during the Blitz when the building was damaged by bombing and then rebuilt.

  • Manvers Street Baptist Church

An active church for the community with lots going on, Manvers Street church also has a surprise in store for any visitors wandering in off the street. It has its own café – the Café at the Centre – that has recently been revamped. Offering food and drink from 10am to 2pm, the café is a Fairtrade venue and has links with social concern and peace organisations, so you can enjoy that slice of cake while feeling good about your choice of lunch venue. As for the building itself, there has been a church on this site since the 1700s and the current building was renovated in 2001.

  • St Michael’s Church

Known as St Michael’s Without as it originally stood outside of or ‘without’ the walls of the city in medieval times, this should be right at the top of your list of churches to visit in Bath. The architecture is incredible, with intimate circular seating and magnificent pillars offering a peaceful and very beautiful place to spend your time. St Michael’s also offers a surprise once you walk inside, as the traditional exterior makes way for quite a modern interior appearance, with the contrast of an eye-wateringly high arched ceiling and tall columns. There has been a church on this site on Broad Street for centuries, but the current building is believed to be Victorian.

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