Like a good old G&T? Try Bath’s own blend, as city gets its first gin distillery for 250 years

24 May 2016

Bath’s bar scene is the envy of other top tourist towns in the area, with a wide choice of cocktail bars, unique independent pubs, family-friendly chains and swanky high-end bars. There’s something for everyone, but what there hasn’t been for almost quarter of a millennium is a distillery making its very own range of gins.

In exciting news for lovers of the classic gin and tonic, the Bath Gin Company now has plans well underway to set up a new laboratory and distillery to create everything from damson to sloe gins, all under the name of Bath Gin. The Bath Chronicle reports that owner Peter Meacock, who also runs the Canary Gin Bar on Queen Street, has now secured the £750,000 in funding he needs to set up the marvellous sounding new venture –The Bath Gin Botanicals Laboratory and Distillery.

A recipe for Bath gin has already been developed, after owners began experimenting a couple of years ago. The bar owners worked closely with Thames Distillers to produce the gin, but they’re now very excited for the time when they can say that Bath gin really is made in Bath. Peter Meacock explained to the Chronicle:

“This is such an exciting time for us as we produce Bath Gin in a city we are proud to operate in and view this is as a work of art.

“Customers often question where Bath Gin is made and I am confident once they know it is produced here in Bath this will increase sales as people are becoming more conscious about where food and drink is sourced.”

Handily for guests staying in Bath Holiday Rentals properties in the centre of the city, the new distillery will be based just a short walk away, right in the basement of the cosy cocktail bar. As well as making all of its gin-based drinks with the newly developed Bath Gin, customers will also be able to buy bottles from the gin shop to enjoy later. No doubt visitors to the city will flock to add ‘Bath Gin tasting’ to their itineraries and with any luck, the owners may start doing distillery tours and tasting sessions!

5 of the best must-visit Bath bars

As well as the Canary Gin Bar, there is a huge range of fabulous hidden gems and popular spots to enjoy a tipple in Bath. Here are just a handful of our favourites:

  • Circo Cocktail Bar on George Street
  • The Bell Inn on Walcot Street – great for live music
  • Sub 13 in the Edgar Buildings
  • The Porter on George Street
  • Bath Brew House on James Street West

These are just a few bars to pop your head into, but there are hundreds of other cool, chic and cosy hideaways in which to enjoy a drink – only in Bath!

Remember, once you’ve enjoyed a night on the tiles, you’ll need a comfortable, conveniently located place to get a great night’s sleep. Take a look at the wide range of Bath Holiday Rentals properties, many of which are right in the heart of the city and perfect for bar-hopping visits to Bath.